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Rick Bailey, JD, MAcc, CFP®

From the very beginning of my career, I realized that it wasn't just one product, one service, or even one professional that brings true, lasting, multi-generational financial success.

The problem?

Most organizations simply don't teach all the concepts and strategies necessary to orchestrate a lasting legacy for high income earning professionals, high net worth individuals and business owners.

With that in mind, I made it my goal to gain as much knowledge and real world experience as possible. A quick overview of my background include the following... 

✔ Certified Financial Planner (CFP®) 
✔ Master’s Degree in Accountancy/Taxation
✔ Juris Doctorate
✔ Estate Planning Attorney (my personal firm)
✔ Financial Planner
✔ Regional Marketing Director & Advanced Planner for a Major Life Insurance Company

With decades of experience in legal, tax, and financial services, I have had the pleasure of helping thousands of individuals whose net wort ranged from the low 5-figures, to the 10-figures, and everywhere in between; and now my passion and expertise lies in partnering with CPAs, attorneys, financial advisors, and insurance professionals to orchestrate the financial success of their clients. 

My primary goal is to help you become comfortable and fluent serving the advanced markets, and be your partner along the way. 

In fact, the average case size processed by our Legacy Advisors is $42,000+ in commission*.

To learn more, simply join the waitlist and we will keep you informed with the latest launch updates, exclusive training opportunities, and much more. 

Don't Take My word for it...

Take a Look at what others are saying

Jon L. Bowles

"Rick has been open and available to educate and train on advanced planning cases for my HNW clients. He helped not only with presenting, but also with case design and building the recommendation behind why this make sense to get done.

Rick has impacted my business by helping me add six figures to my bottom line annually"

Jim Maher, CLTC

"I’ve known Rick Bailey for several years and started introducing him to several clients for planning purposes. Rick is able to take a very complicated Insurance matter and make it so simple for clients to understand. 

He comes across as a very caring individual with incredible knowledge regarding Business and Estate Planning. I have made some of the Largest Life Insurance Sales with Rick. All of the clients I have introduced him to absolutely love him! He takes his time and explains everything and never makes anyone feel uneasy. Rick comes across as an educator and consultant yet clients want to work with him and I!"

Paul Mason, Esq.

"Rick Bailey is one the most knowledgeable advisors/consults in the industry. It is rare to have such skills in one individual. His ability to educate and teach along with real experience is second to none. He has been able to help consult on large complicated estate plans down to simple questions that often get over looked. I would highly recommend any person or professional connect with Rick to add his knowledge to their tool belt or personal situation. "
The 9 'Must Knows' If You Want to Become the go-to advisor in the advanced planning markets
that i help you become fluent in...
Life Insurance
Retirement Planning
Long-Term Care
Business Planning
Charitable Planning
Tax Reduction
Asset Protection
Legacy Planning
1) Life Insurance
Often referred to as the best-kept secret in the financial world, life insurance can help you protect your family, business, and estate while building tax-efficient wealth.
  • Learn how to use the Swiss Army Knife of planning to help your clients grow, access and protect their wealth with one of the most tax-advantaged planning strategies available today.
  • ​Learn how to navigate products and companies to avoid becoming a one-trick-pony by getting stuck in a rut with a single solution.
  • ​Learn how life insurance can fit in with all different aspects of financial planning to "complete the picture." This includes retirement planning, long-term care planning, business planning, charitable planning and so much more!
2) Retirement Planning
Whether you are a high net worth individual, a high income earner, a business owner, or anywhere in between, one thing is certain... you're going to retire! Now, that retirement may look different for different people, and that's where your expertise as an advisor is crucial.
  • Learn how to help your clients navigate the "retirement mountain" by both climbing up the mountain (accumulating wealth) and getting back down the mountain (taking out income) in the most advantageous way possible.
  • ​Learn how to use life insurance and other tools to protect your clients nest egg from the top 4 threats to a successful retirement income plan.
  • Learn how life insurance can work in harmony with other retirement vehicles such as defined contribution plans, defined benefit plans, profit sharing plans, 401(k)'s, IRA's, and more!
3) Long-Term Care
Over 70% of adults over age 60 will need some form of Long-Term Care, which can devastate a well-planned retirement. Traditional Long-Term Care policies are no longer the only solution.
  • Learn how to help your clients avoid "use it or lose it" policies
  • ​Learn how to merge long-term care planning with all aspects of the financial picture
  • ​Learn how to simply and easily educate your clients about their need for long-term care planning, and how simple the solutions can be obtained. 
4) Business Planning
Business owners face a large variety of unique needs, ranging from personal retirement plans and family protection to retaining key employees and protecting the company in the event of a partner’s unexpected death. With unique needs come unique, tax efficient strategies you can help your clients implement that can help them grow, protect and eventually exit the business when the time comes.
  • Learn how to accurately diagnose problems AND the appropriate solutions needed within various business types.
  • Learn to become fluent in business planning topics such as Buy-Sell Planning, Employee Retention, Tax-Free Retirement, Liquidity Planning, Captive Insurance Companies, Premium Financing, Key-Man, Asset Protection, Multi-Life Guaranteed Issue, Executive Bonus and more...
5) Charitable Planning
Even if someone is not naturally charitably inclined, the tax and legacy planning benefits of charitable planning often lead many high net worth individuals and business owners to lean that direction! Meaning you need to be well versed in these strategies.
  • Learn how to utilize Charitable Planning now, in the future or at death to maximize financial, tax and legacy planning opportunities
  • ​Learn how to help your clients "have their cake and eat it to" when it comes to tax advantages surrounding charitable planning, without negatively impacting the legacy and benefits they are wanting to pass to their heirs.
  • ​Learn to become fluent in solutions such as Repositioning Underperforming Assets, Repositioning IRA's, Donor Advised Funds, Charitable Remainder Trusts, Charitable Lead Trusts, Charitable LLC's, Private Foundations, and more...
6) Tax Reduction
Tax reduction and diversification is important to all phases of planning... from the growth and protection phases to the accessing and passing on stages of life. Minimize the effects of unnecessary taxes to maximize your financial potential.
  • Learn to diversify and reduce taxes at all stages of life including both retirement and legacy planning.
  • ​Learn which planning tools can be utilized and maximized to reduce/diversify taxes, even if that may not be your clients' primary purpose.
  • ​Learn how to become the tax strategist that your clients thought they had in their current CPA.
7) Asset Protection
What does it mean if you were able to accumulate large amounts of wealth, if you have to give it up in a lawsuit or other unforeseen circumstances? Proper asset protection planning helps your clients control everything in protected methods.
  • Learn how to keep your clients' wealth away from creditors.
  • ​Learn how your clients can keep flexibility and control, while limiting or eliminating liability. 
  • ​Learn how to become irreplaceable in your clients' eyes due to your understanding of entities such as LLC's, Limited Partnerships, Domestic Asset Protection Trusts, Corporations, and more...
8) Legacy Planning 
This is what truly separates you from your competition... the ability to put together all pieces of the puzzle, to create wealth for your clients today, tomorrow, and for generations to come.
  • Learn how to help your clients keep and maintain as much of their wealth as possible, even at death and when dealing with estate taxes.
  • ​Learn how to help your clients not only pass on their assets to future generations, but their knowledge and values as well.
  • ​Learn how to properly utilize estate and legacy planning solutions such as Life Insurance, Wills, Powers of Attorney, Healthcare Directives, Revocable Trusts, Irrevocable Trusts, Dynasty Trusts, Gifting, Discounted Gifting, Estate Tax Reduction, and so much more...
9) Strategic Partnership Coordination
When it comes to true Legacy Planning, it is necessary to coordinate the plan among all of the various professionals... which means you need to know how to bring in the right strategic partners, and keep the wrong ones out. 
  • Learn how to develop and keep control of a team that will help you (and your clients) accomplish the financial goals you desire.
  • ​Learn how to recognize the "Lone Wolf" mentality in other professionals, that can potentially prove detrimental to your clients' success.
  • ​Learn which other professionals are essential to helping your clients achieve their goals, and which ones you may be able to do without.

Top Notch Support

To Help You Become a 7-Figure Producer

Josh Sterling, CLU, CCFS

"Much of the success that I have had in my career can directly be attributed to the training that has taken place with Rick. 

Before meeting Rick, I was doing ok as an insurance producer, but it wasn't until Rick took me under his wing that I was able to truly grasp concepts in the Advanced Planning Markets, and feel completely comfortable identifying, presenting and closing cases in the 6 and 7 figure range.

If you're looking to level up your practice, I highly recommend working with Rick!"

Bob Crosetto

"Because of Rick's training and resources, I have been able to become less of a salesman and more of a connector! It's amazing to take somebody from feeling like they 'need' life insurance to actually WANT life insurance!

I wish I had met Rick earlier in my career, as there has been a noticeable and dramatic shift in my production ever since I met him. In fact, my largest cases EVER have come directly as a result of Rick's expertise and guidance."

Tom Webb, CLU, ChFC

"If you're looking to level up your insurance and financial career, I can't recommend Rick enough!

His ability to take complex solutions and simplify them to the point where anyone can understand them is incredible. 

Whether speaking to advisors or clients, Rick's expertise and past experience has led him to become one of the best advanced planning consultants, teachers and coaches I have ever met in my 50+ years in the business.
"I’ve started to do more work in the high net worth business owner market and the complexity of the planning can often times be challenging, if not overwhelming. Rick simplifies strategies and gives you a step by step plan of attack with these clients. The knowledge and confidence gained has helped me ensure I’m taking better care of my clients while writing larger cases in the process."
-Iain McDonald, CLU
"Rick Bailey is a consummate professional. He’s bright, personable and exceedingly skilled in the areas of tax law, financial planning, estate planning and risk mitigation. We worked together on a number of complex planning cases where his knowledge and expertise were key in closing the deals. I give him my highest recommendation."
-Chris Ostler, CPA

Learn how to Acquire, Identify, Present & Close more advanced planning cases with business owners, high income earning professionals, and high net worth individuals.

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